I had an epiphany one day that God is real, Jesus is real and He's right there watching you. He knows all the hairs on your head. This is why I had to force myself to pray when I came back to Christ, because I thought it was silly to pray since I was steeped in the flesh, in the world. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

I severely backslid and came back to Christ, happened over years. I consider myself to be born-again because I believe that God is Spirit and that we worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. The most important thing is, faith without works is dead. There is a difference between the spirit and the soul so I never had a feeling of being saved in general, but have felt movements of the Holy Spirit. Faith without works is dead, so I repented of my sins, read the Bible cover-to-cover with the force and power of the Holy Spirit, and I prayed. I cannot stress how important it is to read the Bible cover-to-cover in the Spirit, this is the primary way that God speaks to you. Remember, seek and you will find. God bless.