Do you guys think the end could ever justify the means? I'm not a Christian, but in my efforts of self-improvement I'm withholding myself from the consumption of any pornography. It's harmful psychologically and spiritually. My rule for myself is that I can masturbate as much as I want, but no porn is allowed. As a result, I've made far more progress easier than the Christians who try to drop it all at once. This is because the urge for release will come back, and the only way they know to deal with it is by porn. For myself, I am tearing away from that connection and dependence. The desire to masturbate is far lower because the whole dopamine processes of porn aren't there, and when I do give in I end up strengthening my abilities of visualization and focus. The goal here (for me) is to come to the point where my instinctual fulfillment of an urge is meeting IRL women, rather than looking at women on the internet and fantasizing about horrible things. Now I know that isn't what you guys want for yourselves, but you could use that instinct just the same to find a pious wife, and ultimately this practice would leave you in a far better state psychologically than porn addiction. It works for me, but is this practice acceptable for a Christian? It seems like it might be the only way in this society.